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The biggest challenge in motorsports advertising is finding the most cost-effective method to reach your targeted consumer. What if there was a network providing access to more than 75,000 race teams and millions of race fans? MRP Digital Ads is the best way to promote your racing product/service. The buying potential of the race teams, and die hard race fans, found in the MRP Digital Ads audience is unmatched.

MRP Digital Ads allows corporate America to reach millions of grassroots fans and race teams, delivering more than 500 million impressions annually to advertisers through online banner advertising. Advertisers ads are distributed across this massive network of hundreds of motorsport websites, thousands of race teams and millions of race fans. To the right is one example of hundreds of motorsport websites where you ads will be distributed to.

Ad Placements

Network Ads

Network Ads

Premium Features

  • Run multiple campaigns simultaneously
  • Geographic Targeting
  • Target the Type of Car, i.e "Modifieds"
  • MyRacePass Homepage sticky banner

IAB Standard Sizes

Creative Services Available

Native Advertising

Native Advertising

Native ads create an 18% increase in purchase intent. And the visual engagement with native ads is slightly higher than the original editorial content.

Native ads appear as part of the editorial flow of a web page. They match the visual experience within each MyRacePass website, so they look and feel like natural content. Viewers who click to "read more" are directed to the advertiser's website.

Content Opportunities

Content Opportunities

Feature your Product, Service, or Event with several new MyRacePass Content Opportunities:

Pit Pass Newsletter

  • Near 400k address distribution
  • Near 30% open rate

Pit Pass Driver Newsletter

  • Targeted to Drivers by Type of Racing (Sprint Cars, Late Models, Modifieds, etc)
  • Sponsor, Feature, and Banners available

Evergreen Content

  • Original or Sponsored Content on the MyRacePass News Page
  • Target by Type of Racing (Drag, Winged Sprint, Late Model, etc) or Tech/How-To

Audience Demo

MRP Digital Ads allows access to this huge network of more than 75,000 race teams and the millions of fans to industry-focused advertisers.






Annual Income >$75k




College Educated




Research Products Online


Prefer Online Purchases

The Power of the MyRacePass Network

MRP Network

The MyRacePass (MRP) Network consists of nearly 500 websites, 1000's of driver and track profiles, and the popular MyRacePass App. The MRP Network is constructed very similar to that giant social media website out there everyone visits on a daily basis. The MyRacePass Network has a root of nearly every track, series and driver in the United States and has been built in such a way for people to take advantage of.

News articles can be shared across hundreds of websites and profiles with a single click. Results can be views on hundreds of websites and profiles, point standings are shared, videos and photos are shared and all of this creates a network to which any fan or driver or promoter can help promote themselves easily and pain-free.

Advertisers can now take advantage of this Powerful network and it all comes together through MRP Digital Ads.

Becoming a Publisher

Becoming a publisher is quite simple. Reach out to us and we'll provide you with a list of questions regarding your current website and your list of sponsors you don't want the network to conflict with.

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