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Millions of Fans

Millions of Fans

50% of All Ads Sales are Distributed to Publishers

Maybe Nothing 2

Maybe Nothing 2

Nolan needs to make a few here..

The MRP Network

MRP Network

The Power of the MyRacePass Network

The MyRacePass (MRP) Network consists of nearly 500 websites, 1000's of driver and track profiles, and the popular MyRacePass App. The MRP Network is constructed very similar to that giant social media website out there everyone visits on a daily basis. The MyRacePass Network has a root of nearly every track, series and driver in the United States and has been built in such a way for people to take advantage of.

News articles can be shared across hundreds of websites and profiles with a single click. Results can be views on hundreds of websites and profiles, point standings are shared, videos and photos are shared and all of this creates a network to which any fan or driver or promoter can help promote themselves easily and pain-free.

Advertisers can now take advantage of this Powerful network and it all comes together through MRP Digital Ads.

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