I have advertisers already on my website, I want to protect them. How will you do that?
No ad will conflict with any of your existing sponsors, just let us know. You control 100% of which advertisers are placed on your site. For each new advertiser we sign up, we’ll send you an approval email. You must respond within 3 days, by clicking that you ‘reject’ that sponsor if you do not want them on your website. It’s as simple as that.

Where do you place the ads at on my website?
We work with you directly to determine the best place to place the ads. We will you a mock screenshot of your site with ads in place. You simply approve or ask for adjustments.

I have a terrible website (or no website at all). What do I do if I want to be a part of this?
Obviously, you need a website to be a part of our digital ad network, and we can help with that, too! Our partnership with MyRacePass and Firethorn Marketing, the leading motorsport web development teams in the sport, can work with you directly on acquiring a new website for your track or race series. We will work with you to optimize your website and get you to a point where you can be making money from the MyRacePass Digital Ad Network.

Becoming a Publisher

Becoming a publisher is quite simple. Reach out to us and we'll provide you with a list of questions regarding your current website and your list of sponsors you don't want the network to conflict with.

Contact Us Publisher Application
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